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At Spectre Property Management Services Ltd, we aim to do our best to provide good service, in a polite, efficient and fair way but we know that sometimes things go wrong. 

When this happens we would like you to let us know, then we can try and put matters right. We take all complaints seriously and will deal with the complaint promptly.

To ensure that we have all the facts necessary to investigate your complaint, we have a step by step procedure for you to follow. Following this procedure will enable us to expedite your complaint to a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Spectre Property Management Services Ltd 3 Stage Complaint Procedure

Stage 1
The most effective way of resolving a problem is to give the employee involved the opportunity to discuss your dissatisfaction with you informally. Before you decide whether to make a formal complaint we therefore ask you to try to resolve the matter with the person concerned by contacting your Property Manager.

Stage 2
If your problem is about the Property Manager and you are unable to discuss the matter with him/her or if you are unhappy with the way the matter is dealt with you can then put your complaint in writing to the manager.
The manager will acknowledge receipt of your letter, email within 3 working days and conduct a full investigation. You will receive a reply within 21 working days.
Complaints are often complex and if you are not entirely happy with our response you can follow stage 3 of the procedure.
Post: Spectre Property Management Services Ltd, Attn: Natalie Hachache, Level 1, Shop 87, Northwest Shopping Centre, 1-7 Fred Taylor Drive, Massey, Auckland 0614.

Stage 3
If you feel you have not received a reasonable response to your complaint under Stage 2, your next avenue would be to apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for mediation and/or hearing.
All details including application forms can be found on the Ministry of Justice Website

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